The <dl8-live-video> element lets users enjoy 360°/180° and regular live streams with the UI and features tailored towards the live use case. The element works much like a regular <dl8-video> tag and builds upon all of the existing video markup and API (see the <dl8-video> documentation).

The <dl8-live-video> element works with HLS and MPEG/DASH stream sources (see adaptive streaming) and supports optional history seeking. In the future this element will become even more specialized to the live streaming use case with features like multi-cam, live chat and WebRTC support.

 <dl8-live-video title="Example Live Stream" poster="poster.jpg" author="John Doe"
             format="STEREO_180_LR" seekable>
    <source src="example-hls.m3u8" type="application/x-mpegurl" />

seekable [optional]

A Boolean attribute; if specified users are able to seek back in time as far as the live stream is recorded and kept via the seeking bar. When clicking on the LIVE button users can jump back to the live broadcast.