Supported HMDs

We strive to support as many HMDs as possible with Delight VR. To make things accessible to the end-user we provide users with a wizard, enabling to configure the user’s HMD. Here is a list of all currently supported devices by Delight VR.

Cardboard compatible headsets

Through our Wizard and our predefined distortion database we support nearly any common Cardboard compatible headset on the market (i.e. Google Cardboard v1.0, Google Cardboard v2.0, Zeiss VR One and many more) on Android Phones as well as on iPhone.

Google Daydream

Is fully supported including Daydream controllers with Chrome Android 59 and up.

Samsung Gear VR

Is fully supported in the Oculus Internet Browser (Internet Tab in Oculus Home) including full Gear VR Controller support.

Alternatively Samsung Internet from the Oculus Store can be used. Users will be prompted to enable WebVR automatically.

Finally any regular mobile browser can be used with the Samsung Gear VR in Cardboard mode with the Cardboard Enabler app.

Desktop VR headsets

All major desktop VR headsets are supported. Specifically Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2) and HTC Vive with WebVR enabled browser (as of writing these are special WebVR builds of Chromium and Firefox nightly).

Supported platforms

All major browsers and platforms are supported by Delight VR, in more detail:

  • Recent versions of Chrome on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Recent versions of Safari on OSX and iOS.
  • Recent versions of Firefox on Windows, OSX, and Linux.
  • Recent versions of IE 11 and Edge on Windows.


To ensure that the Delight VR experience is smooth for all users, here are some hints to consider when embedding Delight VR into your HTML.

  • CSS styling: Due to it not being an iframe solution per-se CSS collisions can happen in rare instances, especially if global element styles are applied.
  • Whitelabel logo CORS requirement: When using a brand logo and/or brand watermark logo, be sure to supply correct CORS headers on your remote server when serving the logos from a cross-origin domain to ensure the logos are displayed correctly in the VR controls. For maximum compatibility we recommend to host logos on the same domain or use a data-uri.