We believe the future of immersive technologies is not a walled garden of one singular platform. There will be a plurality of different Virtual and Augmented Reality devices and ecosystems and apart from high-end games there is a huge need for content from fields like travel, news, live events, real estate or entertainment that is easily consumable, shareable, instant and without barriers of entry.

And we think the open web will be the ecosystem that connects this new world of immersive content.

That’s why we created Delight VR. With Delight VR we want to give people the power to create the immersive web of tomorrow: Accessible, connected, sharable, instant.

About xymatic

xymatic is the company behind Delight VR and the DELIGHT 3D Engine. Since our founding in 2011 we constantly tried to push the boundaries of the digital space. Be it for our own products or solving problems for our clients. Be it new mediums, novel means of interaction, 3D real-time graphics or even advanced machine learning solutions. In everything that we do we strive for the highest possible mark.

For us that mark is reached when excellence in design and custom tailored high end technology complement each other so well that the boundaries between possible and impossible blur. When it just feels magical.

You can checkout a small glimpse of what we did over the years here and some very exciting stuff coming in the future.

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