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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

With Delight VR you can showcase your immersive content with ease. Be it 360° movies, panoramic images, interactive walkthroughs, 3D images or even 3D scenes – Delight VR plays it all!

The Delight VR Solution consists of multiple elements each representing different media types. You can publish:

  • images
  • videos
  • interactive tours
  • 3D content
  • video streams
  • image galleries
  • and combine all contents with our content hub

Each element has its own HTML tag for easy website integration.

There are different options to customize your player or content hub. In general it depends on the content type you integrate. Beside changing the logo and/or colors you can also remove the logo, customize the menu within your content hub, change backgrounds using the cinema element and many more. for more information checkout our documentation.

check out our docs

Integrating your first VR content is easy. The first step is to add the player script to the <header> section of your website. Don’t forget to insert the license key you received after your registration. You can also find the license key and sample snippets in your account dashboard.

After inserting the player script you can start with the content. Also see the section “getting started” in our documentation to find an easy example for a 360 image.

check out our docs

Within our standard terms, there’s no option to host the player script on your own servers. That said, if you have special requirements that need a self-hosted solution, please contact our support.

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There are a lot of reasons why our player cannot detect a playable video source:

  • The url you entered isn’t valid
  • The video source is not playable (encoding or other issues)
  • If you have sources for the left and right eye check if both are integrated correctly
  • Make sure to provide fallback sources (i.e. webm/vp8) in case mp4 (h.264 codec) can’t be decoded
  • When referencing video sources from another domain, check if the correct CORS headers are set

For all supported formats check our documentation


The Delight VR player is free to use for everyone including white-label customization up to 100k views per month. Above that we offer several paid plans with larger volumes. For more information you can look up the detailed pricing tiers in your dashboard. If you want to use Delight VR in a standalone way, a native app or in an offline context contact us.

We offer paid premium support, development help, integration services, native app development and more. Just contact us for further information.

In the future we will offer additional services like in-depth analytics, hosting and encoding.

If you need custom tailored professional support we offer the following services

Technical Support
Our engineering team can assist with your Delight VR development, integration and operations challenges.

Guaranteed Response
We provide support M-F 11am – 7pm UTC+2, excluding federal holidays. We guarantee an initial response to each question asked via email within 1 business day.

Proactive Alerts
We will proactively alert your designated contacts in the event of any critical security update or critical bugfix to a new Delight VR release. We can also assist with any required changes to your app code.

Architectural Review
Subscribers have the option to arrange full day sessions with Delight VR staff to go over application design, specific implementation questions, and other areas of interest.

You can cancel your professional support plan at any time. When subscribing monthly your subscription will be canceled with the beginning of the next month. If you chose the annual billing your subscription will automatically run out, after the 1 year period, once you’ve canceled the subscription.


All major browsers and platforms are supported by Delight VR, in more detail:

  • Recent versions of Chrome on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Recent versions of Safari on OSX and iOS.
  • Recent versions of Firefox on Windows, OSX, and Linux.
  • Recent versions of IE 11 and Edge on Windows.

We strive to support as many HMDs as possible with Delight VR. To make things accessible to the end-user we provide users with a wizard, enabling to configure the user’s HMD. Here is a list of all currently supported devices by Delight VR.

Cardboard compatible headsets
Through our Wizard and our predefined distortion database we support nearly any common Cardboard compatible headset on the market (i.e. Google Cardboard v1.0, Google Cardboard v2.0, Zeiss VR One and many more) on Android Phones as well as on iPhone.

Samsung Gear VR
Is supported in Samsung Internet from the Oculus Store, in which users will be prompted to enable WebVR (by navigating to internet://webvr-enable in the Samsung Internet browser) or any regular mobile browser with the Cardboard Enabler app.

Desktop VR headsets
All major desktop VR headsets are supported. Specifically Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2) and HTC Vive with WebVR enabled browser (as of writing these are special WebVR builds of Chromium and Firefox nightly).

Selecting the right phone is important to calculate the correct distortion that fits the lenses of your HMD. If your phone is not listed in our wizard please select a phone that is similar to your phone regarding the following specifications:

  • Screen size
  • Pixel density
  • Screen aspect ratio
send us a mail

Selecting the right HMD is important to generate the most perfect experience. This depends on the lenses, the distance of the lenses, the distance between lenses and the phone and many more factors.

If your HMD is not listed please select a hardware that comes close to the specifications of the HMD you’re using.

The experience might be less premium compared to using supported HMDs.

If your HMD is not listed please send us a mail (with the brand and name of your headset) and we will add it as fast as possible.

send us a mail

There could be many reasons why Delight VR is working not correctly. For troubleshooting read the instructions below:

  • Check if your content is integrated properly and the markup is correct
  • Make sure your device or browser supports WebGL
  • Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of your browser
  • When using a desktop PC or Mac with a HMD, check if your HMD is plugged in
  • If the player stops at a certain percent amount while loading please wait. If there’s still no progress after 3 minutes it is most likely an issue with your content
  • Check your server and hosting setup, especially when referencing files from another domain (See “What does the CORS error message mean and how can I fix it?” question below)

Using Delight VR without HMD is not a problem. It doesn’t if your are on desktop or mobile – Delight VR seamlessly fallbacks to a non VR version that works for all elements we support.

If you are using Delight VR on your dekstop device, make sure that you’ve plugged in a working HMD and browsing with a WebVR ready browser. Otherwise the player will show you a QR code you can scan using your mobile device to get the full VR experience.

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows restricted resources (e.g. fonts, images, videos) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated. Please make sure that your content on the external server is setup to allow cross-origin resource sharing. Checkout a detailed explaination here.

Please note that Safari and Internet Explorer 11 don’t allow cross-origin content even if CORS is configured correctly. In order for these contents to work it is best to add a “cors-fallback-url=<URL>” to your <dl8-video> element and link to a minimal HTML page on the content server. There you can  reference the videos locally. For more information please see our documentation.

Some platforms or CMS don’t allow third party code, custom elements or scripts to be integrated. We are permanently working on improving platforms support. If you’re platform does not support Delight VR, please notify us and we will see what we can do.

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You can use .mp4 (h.264 codec) as well as .webm (vp8 codec) formats with different video codecs to implement with Delight VR. Additionally we support a lot of monoscopic and stereoscopic formats. Checkout our documentation for more information.

check out our docs

Content Quality

The most common reasons why Delight VR seems to lag are:

  • Your hardware does not fit the requirements and cannot deliver enough fps (frames per second)
  • The server that delivers the content does not have enough bandwidth
  • The gyro of your device is not precise enough
  • The GPU has to process too much data due to excessive video resolution or bitrate

When a video is playing slowly it might be related to your bandwidth or the servers bandwidth.

When integrating a video with your website you can define different qualities (e.g. 8k, 4k, 2k, 1080p , 720p and so on). After setting up the qualities correctly the user can choose between the qualities using our 3D video controls.

Read the documentation for more information.

read the docs

If your content is not displayed correct, please check that you’ve selected the correct video format. Also check if your video content adheres to the specified video projection format and is not letterboxed or cropped. Read the documentation for more information.

read the docs

Premium support from our experts.

If you need more than our basic support we offer professional services like premium technical support with guaranteed responses, proactive alerts, architectural reviews and integration support.

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