Interactive Hotspots

Add interactive portals to your walkthrough to let users quickly navigate the scene.

Multiple Rooms

Create multiple image probes that users can explore in real-time. Mix and match any panoramic image formats.

Stereoscopic Cardboard Camera Support

Take 360° images with the Cardboard Camera app and directly publish them with your website.

Feature Overview

  • Interactive Hotspots
  • Multiple Rooms
  • Cardboard Camera Support
  • Professional Rendering Packages
  • Various Formats
  • Controller Support
  • Works with every HMD
  • Graceful Fallback without HMD
  • Gaze based interaction
  • Whitelabel & Customization
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Supports VR Content Navigation
  • HDR Support
  • 360° Images
  • Declarative API

Integration made easy

Delight VR is built for super-easy web integration. Host your own content, add the personalized script to your site and start embedding Delight VR Tours in no time. Just a few lines of simple HTML markup are enough. It's that easy.

<dl8-tour poster="poster.jpg" title="Example Tour 1" 
           author="John Doe" start-probe-id="Living Room">
   <dl8-tour-img probe-id="bathroom" title="Bathroom" 
                 format="STEREO_360_TB" src="bathroom.jpg">
      <dl8-tour-portal to="living-room" lat="0" lon="270" 
                       distance="1.5" title="Enter Living Room">
   <dl8-tour-img probe-id="living-room" title="Living Room" 
                 format="STEREO_360_TB" src="bathroom.jpg">
      <dl8-tour-portal to="bathroom" lat="0" lon="90" 
                       distance="1" title="Go to Bathroom">

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