Monetize your traffic effectively with Dynamic Affiliate Spots

Enhance your performance marketing repertoire with a new, non-intrusive way of showcasing affiliate links directly within the user interface. It enables you to dynamically showcase affiliates on three prime spots built to drive engagement.

Choose from three different layouts

The three spots, Pause, Wizard and No VR Screen on desktop are designed for a seamless integration with the user experience. Both subtle and eye-catching at the right time they allow you to effectively advertise your affiliates without disturbing the user experience.

Delight VR Affiliates totallyadapt to your use case

Link to any certain paywall website.

Link to any external product page.

Link to large-scale affiliate partner sites.

Multiple affiliate links

Effortlessly add multiple links to each dynamic affiliate spot and give the user more opportunities to interact with your affiliates.
The pause spot f.e. enables you to showcase a multitude of affiliate links that can be changed through swipe touch interaction. Additionally, the No VR Screen spot can facilitate up to 3 links to give the viewer the freedom of choice.

Measure your Performance

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Explore our test sample

Take a closer look at our example to see how it could help you make the most of your content. To view the first spot simply press pause.

Integration made easy

As with all our Player features the integration is made as easy as possible by using HTML markup. Take a closer look on how to use the new “dl8-affiliate-spot” element within our documentation.

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  <source src="example.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
  	<dl8-affiliate-spot placing="WIZARD" cta="Need a headset?">
  	<dl8-affiliate-spot placing="PAUSE">
  	<dl8-affiliate-spot placing="NO_VR_SCREEN" cta="Get the full experience!">
    	name="Item 1"
     	description="Get Item 1 Here!"

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