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Mar 14, 2018

Chrome 65 Android Devicemotion Regression

There is a regression with Chrome 65 on Android that will impact the user experience of Delight VR. Chrome 65 is the newest stable version of Chrome that is rolling out right now to end-users devices. That regression will impact the functionality of the devicemotion event which is crucial for lots of software including Delight VR to detect and react on the users motions. The regression effectively means that Delight VR is not able to track the users head movement and orientation and as such cannot display the correct video orientation. Especially this is important for all Android Chrome users that use Cardboard headsets or users that use the magic window mode. This is a bug that the Chrome developers need to fix. Luckily a fix has been accepted already and will roll out soon as an update to Chrome 65. We wanted to give you a heads up that you might receive a higher volume of user support tickets regarding this issue. The only way to work around it for now is to use an older Chrome version. You can view the respective Chrome issue here: