Beta 3 - Feature Update

Published on: Jun 17, 2016

Update: Launching VR Video Controls and Delight VR Tour!

Checkout all changes below:

VR Video Controls

Delight VR just got better with the introduction of a fully featured 3D user-interface for videos! Your customers are now in full control while being immersed in Virtual Reality videos. Staying true to our mission of providing truly HMD agnostic experiences, Delight VR’s 3D UI supports gaze based interaction as well as optionally button and controller interaction.
To further strengthen your brand identification, Delight VR’s 3D UI fully respects the common Delight VR customization options, thus providing a coherent experience on your site that extends into VR!

Checkout the Video Element

Delight VR Tour Support

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Delight VR Tour element! The tour element provides you with a fully declarative way of building interactive connected tours. Be it from stereoscopic 3D renderings, stereoscopic 360 photos, mono 360 images or even Cardboard Camera images: The choice is yours! Impress your customers today with an interactive tour!

Checkout the Tour Element

Gaze based Interaction

With the new release of VR Video Controls and Delight VR Tour we have taken great care to provide headset and input device agnostic interaction. Gaze based interaction is fully supported and optionally available buttons as well as controllers are taken into account. This means seamless scaling from Cardboard solutions to Gear VR to high-end HMDs like the Vive or Oculus and ultimately a better and coherent experience for your customers!